Eat Your Sprouts!

Ok, so it’s not that hard to understand that Cerebral Palsy and cooking don’t always mix well together. Especially when considering one’s spasticity concerns and the certain amount of dexterity needed to cut, chop and peel. Being health conscience and fully embracing the notion of allowing food to be thy medicine, I’m always searching for ways to blend practical convenience with life enhancing functional nutrient based foods. Foods that would naturally contain copious amounts of B Vitamins, Sulfur, Magnesium, and Omega-3s. All nutrients needed to support both Myelin and Neurotransmitter function lessening the effects of CP. I readily admit, far too often I’d be satisfied with some protein powder and nut butter of choice. At 30 years of age I decided I had enough. It was about time I started cooking.

Enter Erin Mackin. I became familiar with Erin through an internet based health and fitness based internet radio show called Super Human Radio. During her interview, she had mention her work as a nutrition coach specializing in Paleo style eating. This piqued my interest as I too followed a Paleolithic diet, however more of a lower carb variety. Through the power of Facebook, we became friends and quickly started discussing the virtues of Cacao. Since Erin lived across the country, my original intentions were to see if she would be able to produce homemade Sriracha, protein bars, and paleo trail mixes. All items I could pay for and have shipped to my door. Using this as a stepping stone, I envisioned plans of utilizing her services later down the line for my own meal prep needs.

Before I knew it the opportunity arose for Erin to provide me additional hands-on experience in person. To be honest, I was quite intimidated. Erin has served our country as a Marine and for as attractive as she is on the outside, she possesses every bit a genuine heart of gold on the inside as well. Major Mackin, the Goddess of Paleo, wanted to spend the weekend in PA and cook for me and my family. What meant the most to me was her desire to make a lovingly healing bone broth for both my ailing grandparents. Wow…


Eat your sprouts, Yo’… One of the very first things Erin taught me how to do was to cook Brussel Sprouts. I’ve never had them before. Up until this point, I hadn’t found them all too appealing. Wrong. These small nutrient packed dynamos are high in Sulfur, Magnesium and Vitamin C. It didn’t take much to prep and roast in caramelized bacon fat.


Erin also taught me how to correctly prepare Summer Spaghetti Squash, as seen above. This dish also included some of her special fermented Sriracha, which if you can handle the heat, it great for digestive health. Fermented foods in general assist with reversing auto-immune diseases, leaky gut, and IBS. Think Probiotics… Erin showed me how to make my own custom probiotic strains to get the most of of what I eat. If you don’t digest food properly, you cannot absorb the healing and healthful nutrients your body requires on a daily basis to survive and recovery from frequent bouts of exercise. This is a noteworthy concern for CPers do to our chronically tight muscles. Whether we are exercising or not, life demands extra R&R. The right food and/or supplementation will lessen fatigue and manage your pain.


Coconut Oil is something I caught on to earlier this year that I had been adding to my morning protein shakes. It’s very soothing to the gut, is anti-inflammatory, helps to repair the gut lining, has both anti-diabetic and cancer properties as well as a whole host of other benefits. I encourage everyone to further educate themselves on this wonderful natural food item. In my humble opinion, It would be a mistake to allow the saturated fat content to scare you. Trust in Toad, it’s good stuff! Anyhow, pictured above a Coconut Chicken Scramble with Kimchi (fermented) Cucumber and Salsa. A perfect combination of nutrient dense foods to meet my individual goals. I previously had not been familiar enough to cook much with Coconut and Coconut Oil, so I found this very helpful.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I am grateful to Erin and her services. Cooking is a true art form. I could appreciate the love she put into each and every one of her dishes. She’s very passionate about her craft and it shows in everything she does. It’s her true calling. If you would like to contact Erin for a consultation and see first hand what the power of REAL FOOD can do for you, her information can be found below:


ehmackin [at]

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