Client Testimonial: Mark Bohn

Every once in a while I’ll receive an email that really makes me smile and reignites the passion in my heart for what I do. While life seemingly hasn’t been all too kind as of late, I am reminded of my greatest fear – Failure. It is through my faith and the inspiration of others that I shall not fear failure. I will fear mediocrity instead. If I resolve to NEVER quit then there is no failure in life, only setbacks.


The background story… Mark Bohn, former drummer of the band Hierosonic, contacted me a couple months ago inquiring as to whether I had the time to work with him again since relocating from Pennsylvania to Tennessee. I previously hadn’t worked with Mark officially, but had known him for quite a few years and offered my help as I do many of the locals when I see them out and about in the gym. I had always admired Mark’s work ethic and I’d be half remiss to not graciously accept his opportunity. He required very little guidance and is honest in his own accountability. As a coach, you couldn’t ask for more willing client to work with. Naturally, it wasn’t before long that I spotted the following on his Facebook wall:

“So I know this is a superficial [Facebook] post, but it makes me happy. In 3 weeks I lost 30 lbs gained over 20 lbs of power per workout each week and still going strong. Amazing workout cooked up by my friend Jordan Frantz! Thank you man!”

As Mark progressed, we also talked about life in general and each of our endeavors as I typically do with clients. I shared with Mark this website, albeit a little apprehensive at first. After all, Mark does an excellent job as a graphic designer and built his wife’s website ( He encouraged the idea of adding testimonials to the site. I agreed, however I told him I had yet to have anyone offer. I had no qualms displaying one proudly on my site… Well, I guess he decided to change all that for me. Quite honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you Mark for being the first. May both our businesses prosper and grow as a result of your kindness.

“All my life I lifted weights, nothing serious, but I wanted the arms, the chest and so on. I didn’t become real serious about it till about 7 years ago, I joined a gym in my home town of Halifax, PA. I couldn’t get the size, couldn’t gain weight, I was stuck at a scrawny 150 lbs at 5’11”. About a year into it I started talking to Jordan about lifting, seeing the amazing progress and ability he gained. He informed me about certain nutritional regimes and lifting strategies, I started getting more size and great lifts, and feeling fantastic! I moved about 4 years ago to Nashville, TN, I didn’t have a gym or anything till about 6 months ago, in that time I lost the strength, gained some weight (not the positive one) and felt bland. I messaged Jordan, let him know what my goals were, what equipment I had available to me and so on. With my job being a graphic designer and studio drummer, I traveled a lot so hotel gyms were key in the beginning. So he took all of what I gave him and he concocted this amazing workout, I joined a gym and started right into it. Within weeks I gained almost 10 lbs of power per work out, gained insane size in my arms, legs and chest. I have remained on the same program even to this day, I am doing weights and lifts I couldn’t even come close to when I previously started lifting 7 years ago. The thing that impressed my the most, was the power and how fast it came back and how fast it increased, and I give all that credit to the program designed by Jordan. Thank you so much Jordan.”

Mark also attached a picture of his current progress to be posted as well.  He voiced concern and wanted to make sure my audience knew this photograph was not altered due to his chosen career path. I wouldn’t stand for it any other way but legit. Quite inspiring indeed…


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