Product Spotlight: Haleo Aqua Red


Up until very recently, I was not a fan of Krill Oil at all. A liquid Fish Oil will always be tough to beat, yet a reputable capsule product seemed to garnish the most attention in my niche of the world. I thought Krill Oil was just another clever marketing tactic to capitalize on the uneducated consumer. Being closely linked to the supplement industry for the last 10 years, I’ve seen many trends come and go. Some initially promising and worthy of further investigation, others – completely laughable. So as the saying goes, there’s a sucker born every minute. I was fairly confident right out the box that when it came to Krill Oil supplements, they were nothing more than fluffed up marketing hype. This is not to say I thought they weren’t effective at all. Rather, I assumed they would probably have some therapeutic effect depending on the amount consumed. Plus, to be fair, you also get the additional awesome antioxidant properties of Astaxanthin. Something Fish Oil doesn’t contain. But putting that aside for a moment, why would I pay in some cases up to 10x more for EPA and DHA content, while providing LESS total than regular Fish Oil? Ah, yes… the better phospholipid absorption. It is true that phospholipids are known as the gate keepers of human cells as make up every cell membrane in the human body. Yes, there is benefit to this. I began to dig deeper.

Thankfully I’m going to spare my audience the handful of research studies I found on the topic and break it down for you – Toadnam style. The fact is, Krill Oil is only absorbed about 2-2.5x better than Fish Oil. Yes, that’s it… bummer right? Up to 10x more expensive, for only 2x greater bio-availability. Yeesh. Still… Astaxanthin and a slightly better increase in absorption. Got it. Let’s think out of the box for a moment. When in life is the all or nothing approach a good thing? Equilibrium is sought through balance. What if we could combine both worlds? I surmise we could get the added benefits of Astaxanthin without buying a separate product, yet not gamble the mortgage that smaller amounts of Krill Oil would be enough to supplement on a regular basis. Add with that extra EPA / DHA amounts typically found in most high quality Fish Oil supplements, and it sounds like we have our answer.


Haleo’s Aqua Red is the first (and at the time of this writing) only omega-3 supplement that combines both Krill AND Fish Oil into a small easy to swallow gelcap. In fact small enough that a single capsule could be hidden in almost any yogurt or sauce (for those that may have trouble swallowing). It’s a product unlike any other in it’s category. I like to think of it as a Fish Oil plus. Aqua Red is the only “Krill” product I can honestly recommend based on my own use. When doing side by side comparisons of single serving Aqua Red vs. a more widely known Krill Oil supplement, Aqua Red wins. Even when placing Aqua Red against a serving of “Double Strength” Fish Oil, Aqua Red’s effects are marked with a greater calming of chronic inflammation. Being an athlete and having Cerebral Palsy, reducing inflammation is important to me. The degree in which I can control inflammation, I can also provide support in lessening my chronic fatigue therefore naturally increasing my body’s ability to repair itself. In about a period of two weeks, I began to see subtle improvements in the complexion of my skin as well as a substantial lessening of joint pain. This allowed me to cut back on my dedicated joint care product and saved me some greenbacks in the process… Which leads me to another good point. While Aqua Red’s online price tag of 26.99 seems a bit pricey upon first glance, once the full picture comes into focus, it’s not hard to see the value in such a quality assured product. Haleo has gone great lengths in product development, in-house testing and it’s manufacturing process under cGMP / TSP guidelines to ensure what is on the label, is actually what you are getting in the bottle. This can be concerning for the unaware as poor quality standards have notoriously given supplements a bad rap and have opened the gates for further FDA control. But without going too far off-topic, Haleo is a brand I have complete trust in, so you should too. With the ushering in of a few new companies I’ve been getting excited about, hopefully I will no longer feel the need to ask my doctor for an OTC supplement prescription… really, how silly is that!

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